Building a Better Ipp

The first time I made an Ipp, a 3-D Ipp, it looked like this:

Stop laughing.

Okay, I have minimal sewing skills. And, the arms of an Ipp present some distinct problems. You can barely see them here - they are black and floppy.

"Real" Ipps, on the other hand, have much more expressive faces than this - and arms that move around. And feet. Granted, they have evolved a fair amount since I first started drawing them.

But I really, really want to make a good Ipp. I want to send them on journeys around the world. I want to give them to people. I already have given away some small Ipps - I made their arms out of pipe cleaners. But pipe cleaners are not so great either. They get sharp after a while.

So, I think I'm going to have to make them into kind of flat toys. So I can put in the expressions and poses without having them stand up. They can still be squishy and cuddly, and even magnet-able or pin-able.

I know I can do better. So I will get out the felt and see what happens.