Kibbles n Bits

So, my cat has to have medicine. Every day. If he doesn't it ain't pretty. I won't go into it.
He is also pretty much impossible to give pills. So, we have these "pill pocket" things where you stick the pill in there and moosh it closed and feed it to the cat and it's now a treat, not a pill, see?
Except now he's figured out how to chew the pill pocket off the pill, leaving the pill on the floor while chowing down on the pocket part.
So my new technique is to put just half a pill in there, moosh it really good, and then give it to him. This works currently. It might not by this weekend.
This way he gets twice as many treats, which was maybe the goal in the first place.
And no, this medicine can't be put in a dropper or anything. I asked. And the last time I had to give him something in a dropper he used his ninja-like anti-medicine moves on that too and I ended up spraying antibiotics all over his face.
I wish I could explain to him that without his pills he's barf-o-rama, but he's not getting it. Maybe I'll try and talk to him about it again next time he's chewing on the pill pocket.