Here We Go Around Again.

Happy New Year, people. Here we go swooshing back around to the beginning of the calendar. Seems we were just here. I just had to update my copyright notice to '09. Wow.
Anyway I hope the new year brings progress, and chocolate, and good beer, and sunsets and soap that smells good and clean socks. I hope it brings friends around, keeps jerks away, and less things explode including buildings. I hope potholes get filled, calls get returned, and good movies get released. I hope lizards find good rocks to sun themselves on, and small bookstores continue to exist. I hope the new year brings no cavities, even with all the chocolate. I hope it brings good pencil sharpeners and non-smeared ink. And birthday parties and stuffed animals and new things made of Legos. And a relatively barf-free cat who remembers where the litter box is. All this and more. Best wishes.