Packaging is the Enemy.

And not just because it's a needless waste of resources that we're never gonna get back.

Here are the things I am good at doing with packaging:

1. Going to pour that unexplained liquid out of the hot dog package and in doing so dumping at least one hot dot straight into the garbage disposal (thooop)

2. Ripping that re-closeable ziploc top right off the bag of shredded Mozzarella cheese (reseal THIS!)

3. Cooking packaging into things, like what's that bit of plastic in the marinara sauce?

4. Generally flinging cheese everywhere

And this is just with food packaging. I won't get into what happens when I try to open toys. That's a separate issue.

I will say, though, it's pretty fun to dump cranberry sauce or creamy soup out of the can. It makes a very nice noise. Then I can wipe it up after I'm done pouring it on the counter or having it slide into the sink or under the toaster.